Saturday, June 12, 2004

Buzzard Terrorizes English Country Road: "An angry buzzard is terrorizing a quiet English country road by dive-bombing passing cyclists. The bird of prey used its beak and claws to rip a three-inch gash in Paul Taylor's head as he cycled along the stretch of road near Holsworthy, in Devon, western England. 'I thought at first it was a lorry passing and the wing mirror had somehow caught my head, then I saw the buzzard swooping in front of me and suddenly there was blood pouring down my head and face.'

Last weekend 22 cyclists taking part in a long distance competition along the road -- the A3072 -- suffered head injuries or had gouges taken out of their helmets by the same bird, according to the race coordinator.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds suggested the bird was probably nesting nearby and was defending its chicks, and added bikers should avoid the road for a few weeks."

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