Friday, August 15, 2003

"some straight men are under the impression that maintaining [their asshole's] "virginity" is the only way to stay "straight", as if there was a fag button up there only waiting to be switched on."
- ryan8-5cut

Normally, a straight man using the word "fag" makes my tinker bell go off, but I think it's pretty safe to assume, even just from this quote, that this dude is pretty open minded. I've read several of his ryan8-5cut's entries, although I thought he was gay at first; the name is RIGHT out of a gay chatroom. Then again, I generally think everyone is a little gay. ryan8-5cut also has his own Q&A site on diaryland called "sexquestion." you know, the new straight guy is gay.

If not, a team of super-fags will arrive @ his door with cameras and force a fabulous or make over on him.

Yes, we're taking over.

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